Dental Crowns From Our Hamilton, ON Dental Team

If dental exams reveal that one of your teeth requires a crown, you may apprehensive about what this procedure is all about and what it involves. But you have nothing to worry about here at Centre Mall Dental. Our Hamilton, ON dental office can put your mind (and your mouth) at ease through expert crown preparations and fittings.


Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a common feature in the treatment of many different conditions. These situations include:

  • Covering a large cavity
  • Strengthening cracked or broken teeth
  • Reinforcing teeth weakened by root canal therapy (while also sealing the gap created in the top of the tooth)
  • The fitting of realistic, functional “teeth” on surgically implanted posts
  • As anchor points for a multi-tooth permanent bridge

Your Hamilton dentist may recommend permanent crowns as a cosmetic measure when procedures such as tooth whitening, bonding or veneers cannot sufficiently restore the looks of damaged or discolored teeth.


Crown Fabrication and Fitting at Our Dental Office

The first step in getting a crown is preparing the tooth to receive this dental restoration. To achieve this, your Hamilton dentist will carefully remove outer sections of the enamel to create a uniformly-shaped base. The crown will be fashioned to fit snugly over this base. Impressions are then taken of both the base and your “bite” so a mold can be used to shape the crown as precisely as possible. Reducing the enamel is performed under anesthesia so you feel no pain.

The mold is then sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication of the crown, a process which may take a couple of weeks at the most. In the meantime, we’ll adhere a temporary crown in place so you can chew and talk. (You may need to avoid extremely hot, cold or sticky foods, however.) Once we have the permanent crown, a series of fittings may be necessary to get the perfect combination of security, bite accuracy and comfort.

Crowns can be fabricated from various materials, each of which has its own attractions. Temporary crowns are typically made from the same kind of resin used in cavity fillings; this material may be inexpensive, but it isn’t really durable enough for a permanent solution. Our porcelain permanent crowns offer a totally natural look. Porcelain bonded to a gold base makes for an even stronger crown, although the cosmetic results may not be as convincing. (Porcelain can also be bonded to zirconia, which is less visible than gold.) Some patients still opt for gold crowns. Your Hamilton ON dentist can help you decide which type of crown best suits your needs.


Dental Crowns for Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville and the Surrounding Areas

If you suspect that you might need to be fitted for a crown or have a damaged crown replaced, Centre Mall Dental can help. Call us to schedule the necessary dental exams and fittings. We’re “Crown Central” for Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas!