Oral Surgery

Dentistry isn’t just about cleaning teeth and filling cavities. While those are the basics, some people need more intensive dental work done to give them the healthy mouths they deserve. This type of treatment can often mean oral surgery. The good news is that you are in excellent hands with the caring, skilled oral surgeons at Centre Mall Dental. We have the best, most trusted dental surgon in Hamilton, Mississauga, and Oakville, as well as the surrounding areas. Come to us and enjoy the comfort and security of knowing your gums, mouth, and teeth are in good, experienced, and highly skilled hands.


The oral surgery services we perform include:


This includes root canal treatment. While you can sometimes get this done at a regular dentist, the best way is to go to a specialist. Endodontists work almost exclusively in root canals. Because of this, they know them better than any other type of dental professional. Why leave your root canal in the hands of an amateur and maybe have to go back and get it re-done or otherwise corrected? Get it done correctly, and virtually painlessly, the first time by using the experts at Centre Mall Dental.



Is a new smile on your mind? Then you might want to consider dental implants. This increasingly popular procedure removes some or all of your old teeth and gives you shiny, white, new prosthetic ones that are screwed into the jaw so they are not removeable, unlike dentures, which can be removed. You will always have these new teeth. We can give them to you for cosmetic reasons, or to treat tooth injuries where the tooth is broken and cannot be fixed or replaced. Whatever the reason you decide to use dental implants, you can expect the best results with our office.



Gum disease is a problem for many people, and it can affect your overall health in a negative way. It isn’t just a problem for the mouth. Periodontists specialize in treating and curing gum disease, even in the worst cases. This sometimes means gum surgery, though other, non-surgical treatments are used as well. It all depends on the individual patient and their situation. If you need gum surgery, you will get the best at Centre Mall Dental. Our periodontic specialists know their craft well, and will give you the surgery you need with the least amount of discomfort or pain possible, and with the strongest, longest lasting results. Make your gums healthy again with periodontal treatment at our office.

These are just some of the reasons you may need oral surgery. Others may include extractions, particularly wisdom teeth extractions, repairing broken teeth re-attaching lost teeth, and surgery on the tongue, insides of the cheeks, and hard and soft palates.


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If you would like a consultation regarding your dental issue, to determine if you need oral surgery, or to talk with one of our oral surgeons about a procedure you know you need as a referral from another dentist, please contact our Hamilton dentist office.