Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry With Your Hamilton Dentist

At Centre Mall Dental in Hamilton, we know preventative dentistry is crucial for good oral health, and good oral health is crucial for your overall health and wellbeing. This is especially true for kids, whose growing and changing mouths need help to avoid lifelong dental problems. Instead of waiting for teeth to decay or develop incorrectly, we perform regular cleanings and examinations to help our youngest patients avoid damage or correct problems early. Our family dentist in Hamilton ON is happy to help children build a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits and strong teeth.

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Pediatric Dental Examinations in Hamilton

Does your child have any baby teeth yet? Are they one or older? If either answer is "yes", it's time to schedule their first dental exam. During your child's first dental appointment, we will scale and polish the baby teeth, examine any early development, show you exactly how to brush and floss effectively, and answer any questions.

Of course, dental examinations should continue for the rest of your child's life. Schedule check-ups every six months to make sure your child continues to speak and chew properly, avoids unnecessary decay and damage, and receives prompt treatment for any problems that do occur.

Dental Sealants for Kids

Your Hamilton dentist is committed to protecting your child's oral health, which means we work hard to reduce their dental risks whenever possible. While regular exams and everyday brushing and flossing are crucial for preventing decay, we offer extra protection against buildup and bone loss. Preventative dental sealants actually fill in the grooves of a child's tooth to block particles and plaque from filling these tight spaces instead.

Pediatric Mouth Guards

Children's teeth can only tolerate so much wear and tear, so if your child plays high-impact sports or grinds their teeth at night, they may need extra support to prevent dental trauma. Our custom pediatric mouth guards are designed to fit over the teeth and protect them from sudden or repetitive damage due to clenching, grinding, falling, or being hit.

Fillings & Restorative Dental Care

Kids face a variety of common dental problems and injuries, and our pediatric dentist is here to help restore the strength and health of their teeth to prevent further damage. For example, we fill cavities with tooth-colored resins or dental amalgam, AKA fillings, to prevent further decay and protect the tooth and nerves. Some patients are better candidates for pediatric crowns, durable stainless steel "hats" that fit over teeth with extensive damage. It's important to correct problems before they interfere with speech, eating, or future tooth growth.

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We welcome kids of all ages here at Centre Mall Dental, where we work hard to make each patient feel special and safe. Our Hamilton dentist also serves families throughout Oakville, Mississauga, and the surrounding areas, so schedule an appointment if you're in the area. Just call us today to schedule your child's next dental exam at Centre Mall Dental.