Dental Services

Services at Centre Mall Dental in Hamilton

Centre Mall Dental is your dentist in Hamilton who provides dental care for the whole family, including children, teens, adults and seniors. Our dental services in Hamilton include dental cleanings, dental examinations, tooth restoration and cosmetic dentistry. We do offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation!

At Centre Mall Dental, we recommend dental exams and dental cleanings twice a year for both children and adults. During a dental exam, our dentistry team takes full mouth digital X-rays, checks for cavities and evaluates the health of your teeth, gums and jaw. At our office, we use solely digital X-ray technology as this reduces radiation exposure to our patients to ensure uncompromising care.

Our trained and certified dental hygienists do comprehensive dental cleanings to remove plaque and prevent cavities. They also polish the teeth and apply a fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay. Our Centre Mall Dental doctors, Dr. Danny Pogoda, Dr. Junyoung Ahn, Dr. Sapna Patel and Dr. Farah Nafie want to keep your smile looking good. The team at Centre Mall Dental speak a wide range of languages including Korean, Russian, French, Polish, Filipino, Hungarian, Italian. We are now offering Invisalign Orthodontics and nitrous oxide sedation.

We’re the family dentist who provides restorative tooth care and cosmetic dentistry for both children and adults. Even kids can suffer from deformed teeth or broken teeth. Brighten up your smile with our teeth whitening services. We use professional-grade treatments with concentrations of hydrogen peroxide up to 40 percent. It takes just one hour to have that award-winning smile at Centre Mall Dental.

Cracked, chipped and broken teeth can ruin your smile. We offer advanced dentistry techniques to restore your smile. Patients can opt for bonding, veneers, caps, dentures, bridges and crowns. Our dentists will let you know which technique is best suited for your individual circumstances. And if you prefer dental implants over removable dentures, we’ll do a complete assessment to ensure that you have sufficient bone to support the implants. Typically, our dental implant procedures take anywhere from three to six months. Time is required for the titanium tooth roots to fuse to the jaw bone.


Hamilton Emergency Dentist

When you need to see a dentist immediately, we’re the Hamilton dentist that you can count on. Perhaps you’re in severe tooth pain, have a tooth abscess or have fallen and cracked a tooth. Our goal is to see you as soon as possible to alleviate your pain, and we provide prompt care. Whether it’s an emergency or it’s time for a dental exam, give us a call at 905-545-8521 for all of your dental needs. A great smile begins at Centre Mall Dental.