General Dentistry

General Dentistry From Your Hamilton Dentist

At Centre Mall Dental, our Hamilton dentistry team knows just how important general dentistry is to maintaining your overall oral health. That's why we pride ourselves in offering all the general dentistry services you and your family need to maintain a healthy, sparkling smile. Whether you're in need of a routine exam, a filling, or even a more extensive procedure, our dental team is here to help.

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Routine Dental Exams & Digital Dental X-Rays With A Hamilton Dentist

A couple of our most common services offered include routine dental exams and digital dental X-rays. Specifically, we recommend cleanings and exams at least twice a year for both adults and children. X-rays, on the other hand, should be done once a year. In our office, we use innovative digital X-rays so we can obtain instant, high-quality results. Annual X-rays are recommended because they can help to reveal potential problems (such as cavities or even abnormal growths) before they would otherwise become visible to the naked eye.

During our dental exams, an experienced dental hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning and general evaluation of your oral and dental health. At the end of the exam, one of our four dentists here in the office will conduct a more thorough exam to check for cavities and make other recommendations for care. If cavities or other routine work is needed, we can perform it same-day or schedule a follow-up appointment at your convenience.

Restorative Dental Services Offered

In addition to routine cleanings and X-rays, we also offer a variety of restorative dental procedures that can help preserve the health of your teeth. For example, if you have a tooth that has suffered from decay and that decay has reached the pulp of the tooth, our root canal procedures may be your best bet for saving the tooth from needing total extraction. With a root canal, we are able to remove the center pulp of the tooth and fill it with a composite resin material. This not only stops the pain related to tooth decay, but helps to restore the structural integrity of the tooth as well. Of course, in the event that a tooth requires extraction, this is something we can perform in our office as well.

What if you have a chipped or broken tooth? Not to worry. Our experienced dental staff can perform restorative procedures for broken and chipped teeth that will prevent future complications and help you feel proud and confident in your smile again!

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Whether you're looking for a new local dentist or haven't seen a dentist for years, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Centre Mall Dental today. Contact our office to find out more about our services or to request an appointment today. Our office is conveniently located in Hamilton and we proudly service the surrounding areas of Mississauga, Oakville, and straight through to Vineland, ON. For your convenience, we're open five days a week with later hours to work with your busy schedule.