Root Canals

Root Canals: What You Need To Know With Your Hamilton Dentist

Our Hamilton dentistry team is here to help you and your family achieve optimal dental health and wellness, whether you need something as simple as X-rays and a cleaning or something more involved, like a root canal. Root Canals can be painful before, during and after your procedure. Let our dentists in Hamilton help relieve your pain and your worries about root canals.


Root Canal Procedures: What to Expect

One service we offer here in our office is that of root canal procedures. Unfortunately, when tooth decay has progressed to the point that it reaches the pulp (inner portion) of the tooth, a simple cavity filling will not be enough to stop the decay and restore the tooth. Instead, a root canal must be performed in order to save the tooth from needing extraction.

During a root canal, the pulp of the tooth is entirely drilled out and replaced with an inert material, such as a composite resin. This not only removes the decay, but stops the infection and helps to retain the structural integrity of the tooth. Typically, a root canal procedure can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour to complete on one tooth.


Anesthesia for Root Canals With Your Hamilton Dentist

In our office, we provide local anesthesia for all root canal procedures. This means that the area of your mouth surrounding the affected tooth will be completely numbed using an injection of anesthesia. However, you will remain awake and conscious for the entire procedure. You will not feel any pain, but perhaps a little bit of pressure, during the root canal itself.


Follow-Up Care: Your Responsibilities

Once your root canal is successfully completed, you will be sent home the same day. At that point, it will be important for you to follow some basic after-care instructions with your tooth to ensure proper healing. This may mean taking the time to gargle with warm salt water daily, in addition to avoiding chewing on the affected side of your mouth for a day or two. You should also be gentle while brushing your teeth for the first few days and your dentist may recommend that you avoid flossing around the tooth for a while.

If swelling occurs (this is not uncommon), then alternating between hot and cold packs on the affected side of the mouth may also be recommended to reduce inflammation and swelling.


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