Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Enjoying a beautiful smile starts with the appearance of your teeth. When you have yellowed or browned teeth from drinking wine or coffee, eating staining foods or smoking cigarettes, it harms your appearance and impacts your self-confidence. Fortunately, teeth whitening products are available at our office.

Teeth whitening products range from professional options from our clinic to over-the-counter options available for use in your home. As a rule, we recommend working with a dentist to determine the right products for your goals.

A simple option is whitening toothpaste. It is not always effective against deep stains but can help reduce new staining or maintain professional whitening.

Gels and whitening strips are available over the counter. Generally, the gels and strips are most appropriate when you want to impact deeper stains than whitening toothpaste can reach.

Trays are an option available through a dental professional, whereby a mold of your teeth is made to apply whitening gel at home. These offer a useful alternative to bleaching teeth with the convenience of home use. At our clinic, we explain the appropriate way to use the trays at home.

Do not use any products if you show signs of an allergic reaction or if you have severe sensitivity after using an over the counter or prescription product.

Call us today if you have any questions regarding teeth whitening services.