Special Message

We at Centre Mall Dental wish to thank you for your patience as we all work through the COVID -19 pandemic together. The health and wellbeing of our staff and patients have always been our top priority.

We have undertaken some renovations to our office which you may or may not notice when you come back. One change is the installation of a personal barrier at the reception desk, but our hands-free alcohol based hand rub station is where it has always been, right as you enter the office. Please make sure to use it as you enter and leave Centre Mall Dental! A feature you may not notice is the installation of Vidashield Air Purifying Ceiling Lights. These lights have a MERV 6 high flow air particle filter with an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation chamber to help eliminate air-borne particles.

At this time, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be able to resume your regular dental care.
During the period of mandatory closure, many people contacted our office with dental emergencies. We treated these patients through teledentistry, but now we will be able to see them for in-person care. These patients will be our priority before we are able to get all patients back in for non-essential dental services. If you had contacted Centre Mall Dental or had your appointment cancelled during the closure, we have your name and we will contact you shortly to schedule your visit. There is no need to contact us or leave another message.
Soon you will receive another posting from us, detailing the new protocols that we will have to follow before, during and after your dental visit. Many things will be different now, but we must follow the new protocols to keep our staff and our patients safe.

Please follow all recommended safety precautions at home and when you are out for your protection and ours. We look forward to seeing you at Centre Mall Dental again soon. Together, we will get past these difficult times!